About Nishio Biological Models

We reproduce natural, historical, and scientific exhibits and research materials in an authentic and simple manner.
We always aim for more than what is expected in our presentation.

Message from our CEO

Nishio Inc. has been making academic tools and ecological models ever since its establishment in Oct. 1925.
We have been deeply involved in developing skills and creativity in making ecological models, and are proud to propose and make them based on our unique skills.
As CEO of the company, I will continue to make efforts for further development by succeeding the spirit of our founders, Soujirou Nishio, Tokikazu Nishio, and Shokichi Miyamoto.
Our company is ready to accommodate a variety of your needs.
Please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you.

Souichi Nishio,
Chief Executive Officer

Business introduction

Let us reappraise dioramas and replicas

We are a group of craftsmen.
We have been creating many replica models.

-Replicas of plants and animals expressing the level of species
-Precisely reproducing characteristics of species
-We consider regionality with importance, which make models corresponding with original areas.
-Plant models reproduced from plant fossils
-Dioramas reproducing natural and historical scenes and scenes of peoples’ lives in the past
-Anthropological and archeological model replicas, geologic stratum models and their preservation treatment
-Enlargement models and lifestyle models
-Hands-on academic models
-Models of pathology specimen

We do our best in recreating exhibit objects and research materials in the most accurate and scientific way. We are confident to surpass any other companies in this skill.

The beauty of our planet and the way of how nature develops and decayed. Natural creatures endangered by us human beings. Excavated cultures and footsteps of our ancestors.

We recreate all of those following researcher’s advices.
Natural creatures should be preserved as they are.
This is our modest hope and contribution to the society we can make through our museum exhibition.

Thank you.